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Iron Removal

There exists in nature a natural iron chelator / binder found in most if not all of our fruits and vegetables but chiefly in our grains. Modern refining of our grains all but eliminates this vital substance from our breads.

IP6 / phytic acid is found in the chaff of our grains and is a powerful iron 'chelator'. Iron chelators have been shown to have some amazing powers of healing in such diverse diseases as cancer , diabetes , arthritis any disease which has a rust / free radical / oxidation component.

This pretty much includes ALL disease as researchers have shown.

Removal of iron has even been shown to REVERSE CIRRHOSIS of the liver and THAT has never been heard of before .

The secret to it all is to lower the iron levels in the body to the point the body begins to use up this iron which is not being used. The key is to force the body to make red blood cells with it.

The hemosiderin which is stored all around the body needs to be used to make red blood cells. Hemosiderin is a 'long term' storage form of iron and takes a bit to get it moving.

Ascorbate / vitamin C has been shown to 'free up' iron from the hemosiderin and with a proper chelator in place such as IP6 this free iron will be removed or used to make red blood cells.

The regimen to lower the iron levels in the body would be to begin a low iron / no meat diet , consumption of IP6 to lower the chance of the 'free' iron causing havoc with its ' rust / free radicals and possibly if one wishes to 'get the job done faster' .. to donate blood or have a doctor remove it.. iron reduction therapy.

Unleavened bread .. bread which has no 'leavening' / yeast added to it is a very good source of phytic acid.


If my doctor doesn't think there is any problem with my hemoglobin / number of red blood cells in my body why shouldn't I believe him?

Studies have shown the WINDOW in which doctors' believe is the SAFE 'area' in which one is NOT having problems with too many red blood cells is set very large.

Studies have shown doctors / medical profession / Standards of Care  believe the number of red blood cells / erythrocytes don't come into play .. monetarily speaking / costs .. UNTIL the hemoglobin in men reach 18 and the hemoglobin in women reach 16.5.

Studies have shown in pregnant women this window seems to be too large.

In pregnant women studies have shown there is an increased / 4 fold incidence of malformation and stillbirth in those women who have hemoglobins of 14.5.

This means doctors .. due to monetary constraints .. do not even BOTHER to check your wife / you UNTIL .. it seems .. the child is dead in the womb.

Disconcerting .. isn't it.

What levels of iron / red blood cells in my body then are considered to be healthy and without risk?

Seeing that your wife loses her baby / tends to lose her baby when the hemoglobin is generally around 14.5 we can be pretty safe to say .. at least .. 14.5 just may be a little high.

There are a number of studies which recommend keeping the hemoglobin low in order to ensure the iron in the body does not become free and cause free radicals / rust / oxidation in the body.

The NIH - National Institute for Health has stated .. DUE TO ..the problems associated with the increase of iron in the body it might not be advisable to supplement iron in those considered to be anemia UNTIL the hemoglobin reaches a low point of 9 . This is due to the 'anemia of chronic disease' which lowers the hemoglobin / sequesters / binds up the iron in the body to remove it from the disease process. Supplementing iron in this type of situation has been shown to allow pathogens / disease to ACCESS this iron and cause an increase in disease symptoms or death.

Other articles raise this point to 10.

A very recent study has found those patients admitted to Intensive Care Units who are NOT given transfusion to raise their hemoglobins .. tend to LIVE and those who ARE given iron / transfusions tend to DIE.

In the long run it is going to have to be up to YOU due to the fact the medical profession refuses to allow their members to lower the hemoglobin in the body to anywhere near this point.

In fact I believe they might attempt to forcibly have you committed as a 'risk'.

Thereby ensuring you continue as their patient.

Theoretically in this situation with the proper insurance the medical profession is able to KEEP you / your wife / your child / your friend / your neighbour in this situation of .. health .. until .. death .. do .. you .. part.