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Iron In Disease
Iron In Disease
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I am a nutrition researcher who believes time will prove scientifically the iron from the meat we eat builds to toxic levels and causes disease.


Recent advances in the understanding of iron metabolism has led to the discovery of an UPPER LIMIT to the amount of iron the body can safely store.

When this upper limit is met the iron actually begins to leak .. spilling out into the .. sea within. This iron rusts , oxidizes .. destroying the 'anti'- oxidants in the body primarily vitamin C / ascorbate , vitamin E / tocopherol .. the gamet of antioxidants.

This is WHY the leaders in the medical field are advising the consumption of antioxidants by the general population.

Iron is such an important mineral in the body it is controlled by absorption and the body would never allow the iron to build to such toxic levels.

Iron has been shown to be the 'switch' which the body uses to add or subtract electrons / oxidation / reduction.

This is 'turned on' so to speak by the leaking of iron into the sea within .

This is accomplished by raising or lowering of the ph in the body. When the body becomes acidic .. lower ph the iron leaks out to cause a oxidation reaction.




IP6 / phytic acid is a natural iron binder / chelator which is present in the 'chaff' of our grains and during refining it is effectively REMOVED and this iron binder is VERY important in man.

Here is an extensive list of diseases which have been studied as to their links to elevated iron levels in the body.


Since elevated iron has been shown to reduce the amount of antioxidants one has in the body , any disease process in which antioxidants have been shown to be helpful can be considered to be linked to elevated iron levels in the body.

There are many sources for antioxidants in our foods , some being higher than others but all plant foods are a very good source of antioxidants.

Supplements of many different kinds are available to increase the antioxidants in the body and iron reduction / deprivation has been shown to be very effective.

Many drugs are involved in the treatment of disease. Many drugs are being used to treat the effects of elevated iron levels in the body. In this link you will find the different common prescription  drugs and non prescription drugs which have been found to be an effective controller of problems of iron.